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We would like to shed some light on our vision for IT-education and its further prospect. You may observe more and more IT-companies get into the idea of sharing their knowledge through various ways, and one of the most known is web and mobile development courses. The question is what it’s worth for such companies? We will explain this principle taking as an example of our iOS and Android Development courses. Read below how inside-company learning positively affects students who aspire to become IT-specialists in the future.

Potential candidates

Big Digitals Ukraine, the outsourcing IT-company, cooperates with SkillUp Education Center, known all over Ukraine for its development and design courses. Over 7 years of its existence, more than 3,600 IT specialists have been trained in open and corporate recruitment groups. Thousands of employed graduates work in more than 83 leading IT companies in Ukraine, Canada, Belarus, Georgia, New Zealand, and the USA. Big Digitals are ready to hire graduates, subject to successful completion of the course and availability of vacancies.

Good for both students and employers

Before registering for the course, a student has the ability to attend the first introductory free lesson. It is necessary to be able to assess not only your chances of a career in this area but also get acquainted with the teacher, as well as a general approach to the organization of the educational process. After the introductory lesson, each participant has the time to think and make a decision to enter the courses or not. Our study methodology doesn’t include burdening students with the tons of theory. We prefer to give them a real practice during our courses.

Classes will be conducted inside the Big Digitals office, which will allow to clearly feel the atmosphere of perspective work.

Real-time support

Big Digitals and Skill Up provide their students with 24/7 support. Our experts can answer any of the raised questions. Also, each student will be able to create its own project, which will further help him with employment.

We are root for your successful future! It’s an honor for us to stand for the idea to grow the community of talented, hardworking and openminded people.

Think BIG.

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