Mobile Development: Empirical Relevance and the Role of a Mobile Development Team

Mobile development refers to the process of creating applications and software specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It involves various stages, including planning, designing, coding, testing, and deployment. A mobile development team plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful creation and implementation of mobile applications.

The popularity of JavaScript

JavaScript was never meant to be the cornerstone of modern web development, so how did it get so popular for nowadays? Read more in our blog!

Encryption Algorithms: Symmetric/Asymmetric

Encryption algorithms are often divided into two categories, known as symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Let’s figure out how these methods can prevent devastating effects regarding the information security issue.

API Testing using Postman

Postman is a great tool when trying to dissect RESTful APIs made by others or test ones you have made yourself. It offers a sleek user interface with which to make HTML requests, without the hassle of writing a bunch of code just to test an API’s functionality.