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Training is often a long and painstaking process, requiring willpower and intrinsic motivation. However, in order to keep yourself in good shape, it is not necessary to engage in a particular sport, physical exertion may be sufficient for this. For this type of training is often chosen to visit the gym, but it can be either expensive or a matter of personal comfort. Then a digital solution in the form of a mobile application comes to the rescue.

Cerberus is a mobile application for planning, regularly performing and tracking workout results. It was on this principle that the name and idea for the Cerberus project logo were invented.

We want to share our principles of logo design development and tell more about the stages. The goal is to create a logo that will convey the essence and atmosphere of the application. We focus on associations related to motivation and willpower, as in sports, these are important psychological components.

First logo version

In this option, we can observe the problem of detail. What is meant by this? The logo can look well in large size. However, do not forget that the logo is often viewed from the screens of smartphones. In this case, with a smaller size, the sign simply ceases to be “readable”.

We draw attention to the second point: the correspondence of the logo and the scope of the application. The application icon(logo) is the first that the user pays attention to when searching for applications. Then there are screenshots, names and description. That is why in everything that relates to the process of brand developing, the creation of a logo plays an extremely important role.

The next stage: analysis

We begin to analyze the logos in which the name “Cerberus” may be mentioned, we obtain the following results:

Next, we reflect on our own option. It makes sense to add abstractions:

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We choose the most suitable one and develop!

The result 

The logo turned out to be moderately aggressive, which coincides with the client’s request. It is also perfectly readable in the format of the application icon and displays its idea.

We asked our designer in Big Digitals Ukraine, Dmitry Shevchuk, about the principles that he uses in his work.

How do you decide which color will dominate this or that logo? Is it a matter of mood or is it more often associated with the creative task from the client?

Color is an important factor in getting to know a product. He can be energetic and exciting and can be calm and credible. The play of colors, its combination in a sense, is comparable to music. The primary color of the product is the result of a sphere analysis. In addition, the client’s desire is taken into account. It is important to understand the psychology of color.

In what areas are logos creation more involved now: shops, media, or maybe the sphere of state organizations?

A logo is an integral part of a successful brand. Everyone who wants to stand out and be remembered against the background of competitors should take care of developing a logo and corporate identity for their brand. Thus, I would not say that government organizations are a frequent client of design studios.

Do you have any personal rules when creating logos or other graphic elements from scratch?

I would like to clarify why companies need a logo. They want to be identified by a small graphic. Simple is always easy to remember, which is why my main rule when building a logo is simplicity. Simple objects are easy to remember, easy to repeat.

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