QA Testing services

Manual QA

Manual QA is a process where skilled professionals test software step-by-step to detect bugs, using predefined test cases or scripts. They work closely with the client and use the latest tools to produce detailed reports and recommendations. Manual QA is suitable for smaller projects with lower budgets.

QA Automation

Automated QA testing improves software quality, saves time and reduces testing costs. It integrates with CI/CD pipelines, quickly identifies defects, increases productivity, ensures thorough test coverage, and meets end-users’ expectations.

Sequrity QA​

Security QA tests software to find and fix vulnerabilities, safeguarding sensitive data. Techniques include static code analysis, dynamic scanning, and risk assessment. This helps ensure software is secure for businesses and clients.

Perfomance QA

We test software performance using various methods such as KPIs, load and stress tests, and analysis of metrics and logs. Our goal is to identify issues and optimize the software for optimal performance, avoiding crashes and revenue loss.

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