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What is quality assurance engineering? Who is a Q&A specialist and what are his responsibilities?

A Q&A specialist is more than a profession. It is such a way of proactive life and the desire to make users life better by feasible and effective means. For the product, Q&A’s goals are closest to the business’s needs and the company’s strategic aims for the product exactly. Accordingly, for Q&A engineer, the main qualities are energy, knowledge and flexibility. But at the same time, it should be noted that the work of Q&A requires not just universal knowledge and responsibility for the quality of the product and services. This position has its boundaries: on the one hand, limited by the project and its requirements, such as project management and the established life cycle of the program; on the other hand, the processes which Q&A is responsible for.

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What tools does a Q&A specialist need?

No matter how easy it seems to be, the brain is the most important tool, probably for any profession, not only for a Q&A engineer. Eyes come in handy too, especially if you’re testing a UI. Of course, ears: sometimes you launch the application, and your computer starts to hum like an airplane on the runway. Physical activity also needed, since time to time you figure out some issues immediately, so you need to actively communicate with the team and moving around the office or whatever workspace. Hands are also useful, especially for manual Q&A’s, not everything can be automated (and we write something called autotests with our hands). And, of course, the heart, because quality assurance engineering should be your passion!

What is the last difficult task that you faced during the projects?

One of the projects called MemoWord had the task of testing the functionality of the expiration of the subscription period and catching the corresponding pop-ups. To meet the challenge, I had to install the old version of Microsoft Access, and if you didn’t hear about it, this is a database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. After installing the appropriate tool and simple SQL queries, this task was successfully done.

About MemoWord project

BigDigitals stands for the idea to grow the community of talented, hardworking and open-minded people. That is why we seek to make education field more affordable for everyone.

We helped our client, MemoWord, to develop a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. It will become your indispensable assistant to help you master new vocabulary and go over the words you already know.

The learning program helps to translate, listen to, memorize and revise foreign words and expressions. The MemoWord functions can make your language learning process much faster and more enjoyable.

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