How to organize a software development team to boost your business

Whatever the development process you use in your company, the intensity is still important. You may be in the position of Team Lead or the head of the entire company, but you probably have thought about the proper organization of the team’s work. Let’s take the organization of the development team as an example. Here are a few methods to help you make a plan to structure your team. Increasing the productivity of people, you increase the level of business.

Think about how big your team is. It is believed that the bigger the team, the faster and more productive it should work, and at the same time the probability of achieving better results increases. Anyway, if your team is small, a good organization can compensate for the lack of a large team.

“By adding human resources, we are delaying the end of a software project” (Brooks, 1975).

Keep the focus on setting up effective communication and team interaction. For large enterprises, it is strongly recommended to hire just the necessary number of developers, and then distribute them into two or more small independent teams, each of which is managed by a team lead developer or project manager.

Management style. When you have an assembled team, the next step is to choose a management strategy. Determine the roles and carefully consider the structure of your team, based on the competence of your business, product or project, that is, what technologies you need to hire experts. Also, think on the kind of flexible methodology for teamwork.

Be a good leader. The project development manager combines a good communicator who is able to set clear requirements and tasks and resolve conflicts if it’s necessary. The project manager is also responsible for ensuring that each developer clearly understands his or her role and corresponds to its responsibilities.

Keep your team under precise control, plan each stage of project development in advance, and always keep the coordinated work of your development team in focus.

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