Trends for Mobile Development

The growth of the market and the specific needs of different types of businesses require the emergence of new mobile technologies. We can see that the number of mobile users has already many times exceeded the number of those who use only computers. Almost every person with a smartphone becomes the target audience of many types of business. In order to stand out, many companies today are seeking to develop their own applications and create their own markets. This is made possible by the latest trends in mobile development. However, companies using outdated online marketing strategies will be left behind if they will not follow trends.

Сheck out the list below of the top trends in the world of mobile applications.


The Internet of Things is considered to be the brightest trend. This year, the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence will be the main factor influencing the improvement of IoT understanding. Also, according to Bret Greenstein, vice president of IBM’s IoT core business, this technology will be the main link between the tools we use on the web daily.

Augmented Reality

The introduction and accessibility of AR in 2017 opened the way for the development of new things. Google and Apple have taken AR to a new level and made it available to the general user. Apple will launch its ARKit soon, and Google will launch the ARCore platform. These two companies have the largest number of smartphone users. This means that the development and use of AR-based applications will increase many times over.

Instant Applications

The new concept of instant applications (or Instant Apps) will remain relevant and more. Digital stores will provide a simple platform where users can easily try the app and appreciate its functionality and simplicity. Innovation will help solve memory problems that is often very common in smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning has a huge perspective in the field of information technology, logistics, health care, energy, education, and other industries. Implementing AI-based applications will offer a unique user interface with a recommendation engine for a personalized experience. The behavioral targeting feature of the newest applications will make it easier for users to search for what they want without having to give commands.

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In 2019, mobile applications will become even more personalized and user-centric. The use of intelligent platforms ensures that the user can enjoy the individual experience. Cloud applications will offer more space for downloading and storing files. The emergence of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use applications will make life even easier and more convenient.

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