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Femid is a service that provides legal assistance to the population by qualified lawyers. After downloading the application, the user gets access to online services, and in fact, communicates directly with his personal lawyer.

Goal: development of service for interaction between lawyers and applicants for legal aid based on the web, iOS, and Android platfomrs. Service is intended to the distribution of applications according to busyness and qualification of lawyers, communication between lawyer and the applicant, charging an applicant for consultation.


Online consultation and, further, the analysis of documents and the preparation of competent contracts, at a cost much cheaper, since the client pays for quality service, and not an expensive office.

Sergey Pontus
CEO Revol

Over 15 years of experience in the development of complex commercial projects. Participated in the creation of over 200 projects.

HTML5/CSS3/JS, PHP/Yii2, MySQL, Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS)

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