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Development of a comprehensive Mobile Application for metacognitive correction and user psychotype diagnostics.

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Serhii Sereda


More than 20 business experience. Together with a partner, I created an application with the goal of giving people a simple tool that will help them improve their mental state.



Our strategy for developing this application involves a four-phase approach:
1. Research & Design, where we integrate user insights and psychological expertise to craft a user-friendly interface and effective tools.
2. Development & Testing, focusing on agile methodologies to ensure adaptability and thorough QA to refine functionalities.
3. Implementation, where we seamlessly deploy the app and ensure robust data security.
4. Evaluation & Iteration, using user feedback and performance data to continuously enhance the app, ensuring it meets evolving user needs and maintains high efficacy in mental health improvement.

Serhii Sereda


Our strategic approach has successfully led to the application's robust development and deployment. Key achievements include high user satisfaction rates, a significant decrease in reported depressive symptoms among users, and strong user engagement through personalized features. This underscores our effective blend of technology and psychology in enhancing mental health.


The application enables users to achieve significant improvements in self-awareness and emotional regulation. Through personalized metacognitive correction, users report a decrease in depressive symptoms and enhanced mental well-being. Data analysis shows an increase in self-efficacy and better stress management, with lasting effects observed over 6-12 months. This supports our commitment to advancing mental health through innovative, user-centric solutions.

Sergey Pontus
CEO Revol

Over 15 years of experience in the development of complex commercial projects. Participated in the creation of over 200 projects.

Python, React.Native

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